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Presbyterian Women

Study, Service & Mission

Presbyterian Women (PW) is the national women's organization of the Presbyterian Church (USA). With a history of more than 200 years, PW is committed to nurturing faith supporting the church's mission, working for justice and building community. It is organized at all levels of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in congregations, presbyteries and synods as well as the General Assembly.

All of what we do is done in an effort to fulfill our purpose.  Every Presbyterian woman in the church is considered a part of our local PW. Here in Waverly we meet in two circles 9 times a year for the PW Horizons Bible Study and fellowship.  We support the mission of the PCUSA in our extra-mile giving.  We have a strong connection with PW of the Presbytery of Scioto Valley, and the greater PCUSA denomination.  Local mission is also supported through gifts and volunteering in and around Pike County.  This is about the Circles.

PW Women at FPC are involved in service and mission in the following community concerns in Pike County:

  • Emergency Services
  • Partnership Against Domestic Violence
  • Recovery Council
  • Provides Christmas boxes for the Homebound.

Presbyterian Women in the Congregation (PWC) are organized into small groups called circles that meet monthly to provide an inclusive, caring community of women. Circles are an integral part of PW and are encouraged to use PW resources to strengthen and enrich the community of faith. A circle is...

  • where faith is nurtured and growth takes place through worship, study, friendship and outreach
  • where women are challenged to stretch beyond their limits
  • where women move beyond the safe places of life and reach out to others
  • where Christian leadership is born, nurtured, and sent forth into ministry