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Keats Rivas – Time to Move on

Since Keats was selected to take over some of the duties of the musical part of our church program last September, we have all been
blessed with his cello and piano music. His wonderful gift has touched our lives, but Keats has also been blessed by us – he agrees that he now has a whole bunch of new grandmothers and grandfathers! When he came to us, he was attending Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He will receive his Masters degree in Cello Performance and Pedagogy. And now he plans to move on, possibly to get more education. He has been awarded at least one scholarship, so he may be moving to Alabama, or Georgia, or Nevada, or ? So we all will support him in our prayers as he does his planning. While he was with us, he will admit that he matured in his musical skills, learning how to accompany the choir on the piano, playing hymns, and doing solos on his cello. Many times he brought a friend with him who would accompany him on the piano when he played a cello solo. He brought Edy Panjaitan with him to do this
(and Edy was drawn to attend on a regular basis.) In fact, Edy is offering his talents for our musical program on a continuing basis – he is working towards a doctorate in “Inter-disciplinarian Arts” at Ohio University. Keats said he really likes Ohio and our
church, so we may see him come back to visit (and we look forward to hearing his cello again). God be with you! (Audrey Tysen)

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