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FPC Mission & Evangelism Committee Introduces Cope Program

In its second year, COPE (Community Outreach Parent Engagement) is an outreach program helping students from very economically distressed families within the Waverly School System. The goal is to help kids, who are at serious risk for dropping out or failing school, to successfully graduate and have improving prospects for a better life.

There are two programs that the FPC community can improve and take part in providing the following:

Cope Thanksgiving Dinner Program: This year Cope is supplying Thanksgiving meals for approximately 30 families. Please consider a donation: for $10-$15 you can provide a Thanksgiving dinner for a family. Just make out your check to the Church in a small envelope marked THANKSGIVING TURKEY. Donations are due to the Church by November 15th.

Cope Christmas Program: Cope currently has 200 children that need help to have a Christmas this year. The A-Plant has accepted 150 names, which leaves 50 children that still need help with gifts of clothing and “wish list” items. The families range in size anywhere from 1 to 6 or more children in the family. Cope will provide the ages, sizes and wish list of each child. they ask that the spending to be kept even among the children in that family. If you would like to provide Christmas for 1 child or an entire family, contact Pat Mikelson at FPC. Please send all money donations to the Church in a small envelope Marked “CHRISTMAS PROGRAM.” Please drop off all gifts (wrapped or unwrapped) at Pat and John Mikelson, 336 Tobin Road, Waverly, Ohio.

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